Root & Branch


Root & Branch is a new retail concept, opening Summer 2018 in the RDU
International Airport. But be assured, this is not your traditional “airport store.” Longtime supporters of North Carolina culture and the ever-growing maker community, Jessie Williams of Edge of Urge and Pam Blondin of Deco Raleigh are curating a collection of goods that are rooted in our region and our state.



The Story Of Root & Branch

Why do airport stores always have to be the same old thing? Why can’t we share the
very best of what our region has to offer in the very first place our visitors see?

This was at the center of a conversation that took place several years ago, over coffee in
downtown Raleigh. Over two years, ideas were hatched… and a partnership formed.

Pam Blondin, owner of Deco Raleigh, and Jessie Williams, owner of Edge of Urge, are
both known for curating locally-focused collections in their stores. They are (minority) partners in this venture with retail experts Marshall Retail Group and St. Croix Airport Retail.

Jessie and Pam are in charge of selecting and working with makers and artisans to
be featured in the store and will be the local eyes and ears for the venture.

The primary purpose of this site is to provide information to makers about how to be considered for inclusion at Root & Branch.



Are You A North Carolina Maker?

We aim to create a vibrant and spirited marketplace that reflects and shines light on the work of modern NC makers. We strive to keep our assortment fresh, relevant and inspired! We are so excited to share your work and your stories with the hundreds of thousands of travelers!

Interested In Visiting The Store?

Hang tight! We will be opening Summer 2018. The store will be in Terminal 2, next to the Starbucks at the bottom of the escalator. You can’t miss it! In addition to the very best locally-made goods, the collection will include gifts like you might find in both of our Raleigh stores (Edge of Urge, Deco Raleigh) plus the very best products that our partners have found from literally scouring the globe to stock their hundreds of stores.